Niners 23. Packers 20.

Football is a game of inches, timing and position.
Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers must be shaking his head in discontent.
Picture this: its fourth quarter with under two minutes remaining. Tied 20-20.
Capers’ defensive coverage call sealed the packers fate and derailed playoff semifinal hopes.
Packers outside linebacker 55 Andy Mulumba’s erroneous decision to blitz inside on 3rd and 8 in the fourth quarter with under two minutes remaining, instead of containing- negatively impacted the packers’ momentum. Because of the bad positioning, Mulumba had to then chase San Fran QB and speed-demon Colin Kapernick to the sidelines and appeared to quit on the play-due to lack of lateral speed. First and Ten Niners.
What was #55 OLB Mulumba thinking? Defensive contain is textbook linebacking! Why didnt Capers call a stunt play and have Mulumba play zone to cover flats? Why did Mulumba try to blitz into max pass protection, leaving the flats wide open? Stupid.
Even I knew Kap was gonna scramble. He always does when the game is on the line!
Call it a rookie mistake? Perhaps. But there’s always one defensive bonehead
that fails to understand the magnitude of each defensive series. Each play. Penalties happen and of course mental fatigue. I attribute Mulumba’s bad defensive position to mental fatigue. Packers management have alot of things to think about their defensive personnel this offseason.




-Las Vegas-
A 38 year old father of five broke hs ankle in a UFC octagon ring kicking-in the shin- another man 13 years younger.

Silva. Your time was up in July. I do understand the human ego: Unmitigated “comebacks” to fuel the male ego; past our prime, forced into retirement:


Meh. We men like to learn the hardway.

Godspeed Silva.

RG3 had a challenging game last Monday night vs. the Eagles. After a dismal first half with 2 iNTs and under 60 yards passing, he finished with a respectable 320 yd 2TD effort.

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Editor’s Personal Note

As we begin to unravel and digest the horrific events that took the life of two young adults: one 25 year old Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher and the other, his estranged girlfriend Kassandra Perkins 22, I began to wonder in confusion how Belcher’s mother Cheryl Shepard failed to recognize the signs of terror and puzzled as to why- as an elder and seasoned parent- did not do what was neccessary to creating a safe environment for the infant.
Despite good intentions, sometimes child rearing brings the worst out of first time parents. The daily regimen can be overwhelming for even the prepared parents.

Perhaps the issue may stem from family apathy and yesmanship prominent in the African American family units of professional athletes-being perceived as income sources for immediate families.
Becoming “yes” persons for said athletes is the norm because cash rules. Unfortunately this story subtly reveals the apathy and procrastination that plagues many black family units . Subtract the absence of the male fatherly figure and we have a recipe for domestic violence.
Sadly enough, it is not the first nor will it be the last:

For Dallas Cowboy Tyron Smith the last thing he would have expected was to learn of his mothers extortion attemptTyron Smith Extorted by Mother but this was an expected routine for him to endure. Being raised in conditions so destitute would be extremely tempting to convince ones self that “All problems are over. The money is here.”

Blood is thicker than water, but green trumps everything.

Before we discount my perspective and use newswire cliched cop-outs like: a ” guy dealing with head injuries” or ” alcoholic concussioned syndromhead”, let’s examine the elephant in the room: the presence of Jovan Belcher’s mother, who lived there, who was supposed to alleviate time stressors and allow both Jovan to focus on their relationship, football and “Kasi” on her education and her part time retail income.
The picture painted a couple using resources for counselling and “grandma Cheryl” for baby TLC.

The disturbing aspect of this seemed to be ignored: a mother in the middle of an atmosphere so volatile and anger issues over the last year between two youngsters clearly with different priorities. It would seem a duty as a parent to abitrate and discuss real life custody situations with the two; scare them straight.
But then again, it’s all in the parenting approach:

When I was young, 23, anytime I would even bicker at my then girlfriend in my moms presence, my mother would intervene. “Young folks gotta get it together” she said ” If its not working out split!” she would add. “None of this yelling while im in this house! I will not tolerate this nonsense”.

Words my ego didn’t like but needed to hear.

Perhaps Cheryl felt it wasn’t in her jurisdiction.

Perhaps the fact that he was a millionaire pro football player paying the bills automatically granted him “man of the house” status. This mentality is not uncommon.

Only Cheryl can answer these questions.
The facts are that her son and her ” Kasi” are dead.

I do not know Belcher’s mother personally nor her struggles. For all I know she could have done everything she could and afterall is a caring enough mother to decide to move in with her son to care for the baby.

Perhaps she could’ve done more.

Perhaps we all could have done more to save loved ones.

My plea is to our parents who are lucky enough to have exceptional athletes:

Teach them everything you know. Teach them about women, relationships and the real world. These special athletes are the most vulnerable as they may not be used to real life problems and relationship challenges.

Dads; be there.
Take that extra step;
Step in.
Intervene before its too late.

Let’s care for others as we care for ourselves.

RIP Kasi. RIP Jovan.






GBC Sports Marketing & E.M President Gary Carter is launching a 7-on-7 Canadian Rules Flag Football Tourney in London Ontario. The “Gridiron Xtreme Flag Football” or “GXF2” will be based on CFL rules which allows 5 yrd no contact on special teams and uses full Canadian field dimensions. Using sonic boom flags, and playing on field turf, Carter hopes to add value and prestige to a game which has been around for over a century. ” I want to build a game-and a league where former varsity athletes, current high school, college and mature athletes who love football can compete yet dont desire to strap on the pads of course” , he laughs. ” Females, middle-agers and teenagers are encouraged to register. There’ll be certified referees, stats and championship play. ” Carter mentions he wants to start off light as a double elimination tournament to garner buzz. ” Ideally I want to launch it in 3 cities, but aside from London the other two cities will be a suprise”. “stay tuned”.
Please visit: www.speedmeetsagility.org for info and to register. Tournament tentative launch in May 2013.


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Remember Me? Ricky Hatton?

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The Pride of Hyde fought Mayweather Jr. in 2007

Oh no.  Another one bites the dust…….. literally.  Click here to see what I mean.

Fantasy Football 2010

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Yep. It’s time. Bragging rights are on the line. You’ve got your players you’ve had an eye on for a week or so now; some of them might be injured or suspended. Not to mention that the fantasy league Commish decided to saturate the league with 16 different teams.

16 different teams in a league defeats the purpose of competition.  Ya can’t drop players and pick players up so easily- and have to rely on trades which are tacky and water down the ” fantasy/Armchair GM” aspect .

Good fantasy football is like a game of war. Teams of 4- 8 are awesome because everyone is actively tuned into changes in players statuses albeit: injury, suspensions and trades- depth chart changes etc. Guys will drop and add players with the quickness, so it becomes a game for the swift-  nobody trades.

If your like me, in a 16 team league with no apparent big name free agents available except a few vets or scrubs( slang for bench warmers) then I will give you these sleepers needed to win a few games and could get you in the Fantasy playoffs. You’ll look like the Arm Chair GM with the vision of an Eagle.

For those who like to mind-fuck challenge themselves with questionable picks to raise the stakes for themselves, here are my picks and my rationale:

  1. C.J. Spiller
Buffalo Bills  1st Round Draft Pick

Buffalo Bills Top Draft Pick

Speedy back whose currently at the top of the depth chart for the Bills. The Bills suck so they’ll be looking for this guy to do alot for them. Plus he was a track star at Clemson: 60 meters in 6.67 seconds is frigging fast.

Spiller will be causing dizzy spells this year- trust that.

2. Terrell Owens

TO's love for himself is good for fantasy points

Let’s face it: we all love that TO loves himself. It proves he’s still a competitor. It’s good for the sport. He’s old in football years but  who gives. With that muscular frame to add to his bravado, I’m thinking I’ve got a bargain like an overzealous buyer at an auction.

3. Dan Amendola

The kid next door with lots of Heart

With a 4.38 40 yd dash, Sam Braddy-boy will have a field day throwing to this guy. DA recently moved to slot to make room for newly acquired former Raven Mark Clayton but ya never know when DA is in for a series and he scores a TD or two.

4. LaDanian Tomlinson

Still hungry. Nuff Said.

LT still got some pep in his step. Team LT on this one.

5. Jake Delhomme

What better way to redeem yourself than be the starting QB with the Doo-Doo Browns

As the starting QB ( for now) with the Doo-Doo Browns,  I expect JD to come out with sumthin to prove.

Defense-  Carolina Panthers

Aqua blue and grey unis would make anyone mad enough to smash their opponent

2009 stat highlights:

  • 22 forced fumbles- 2nd in NFL
  • 2 safeties – 1st in NFL
  • 1 interception TD

Carolina will still get lambasted a game or two. But they also shut Favre out at the end of the season. Be patient with them.