Fantasy Football 2010

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Sports Buzz

Courtesy of Yahoo Inc.

Yep. It’s time. Bragging rights are on the line. You’ve got your players you’ve had an eye on for a week or so now; some of them might be injured or suspended. Not to mention that the fantasy league Commish decided to saturate the league with 16 different teams.

16 different teams in a league defeats the purpose of competition.  Ya can’t drop players and pick players up so easily- and have to rely on trades which are tacky and water down the ” fantasy/Armchair GM” aspect .

Good fantasy football is like a game of war. Teams of 4- 8 are awesome because everyone is actively tuned into changes in players statuses albeit: injury, suspensions and trades- depth chart changes etc. Guys will drop and add players with the quickness, so it becomes a game for the swift-  nobody trades.

If your like me, in a 16 team league with no apparent big name free agents available except a few vets or scrubs( slang for bench warmers) then I will give you these sleepers needed to win a few games and could get you in the Fantasy playoffs. You’ll look like the Arm Chair GM with the vision of an Eagle.

For those who like to mind-fuck challenge themselves with questionable picks to raise the stakes for themselves, here are my picks and my rationale:

  1. C.J. Spiller
Buffalo Bills  1st Round Draft Pick

Buffalo Bills Top Draft Pick

Speedy back whose currently at the top of the depth chart for the Bills. The Bills suck so they’ll be looking for this guy to do alot for them. Plus he was a track star at Clemson: 60 meters in 6.67 seconds is frigging fast.

Spiller will be causing dizzy spells this year- trust that.

2. Terrell Owens

TO's love for himself is good for fantasy points

Let’s face it: we all love that TO loves himself. It proves he’s still a competitor. It’s good for the sport. He’s old in football years but  who gives. With that muscular frame to add to his bravado, I’m thinking I’ve got a bargain like an overzealous buyer at an auction.

3. Dan Amendola

The kid next door with lots of Heart

With a 4.38 40 yd dash, Sam Braddy-boy will have a field day throwing to this guy. DA recently moved to slot to make room for newly acquired former Raven Mark Clayton but ya never know when DA is in for a series and he scores a TD or two.

4. LaDanian Tomlinson

Still hungry. Nuff Said.

LT still got some pep in his step. Team LT on this one.

5. Jake Delhomme

What better way to redeem yourself than be the starting QB with the Doo-Doo Browns

As the starting QB ( for now) with the Doo-Doo Browns,  I expect JD to come out with sumthin to prove.

Defense-  Carolina Panthers

Aqua blue and grey unis would make anyone mad enough to smash their opponent

2009 stat highlights:

  • 22 forced fumbles- 2nd in NFL
  • 2 safeties – 1st in NFL
  • 1 interception TD

Carolina will still get lambasted a game or two. But they also shut Favre out at the end of the season. Be patient with them.


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