New Semi Pro Flag Football League jump off in Ontario Canada

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Sports Buzz


GBC Sports Marketing & E.M President Gary Carter is launching a 7-on-7 Canadian Rules Flag Football Tourney in London Ontario. The “Gridiron Xtreme Flag Football” or “GXF2” will be based on CFL rules which allows 5 yrd no contact on special teams and uses full Canadian field dimensions. Using sonic boom flags, and playing on field turf, Carter hopes to add value and prestige to a game which has been around for over a century. ” I want to build a game-and a league where former varsity athletes, current high school, college and mature athletes who love football can compete yet dont desire to strap on the pads of course” , he laughs. ” Females, middle-agers and teenagers are encouraged to register. There’ll be certified referees, stats and championship play. ” Carter mentions he wants to start off light as a double elimination tournament to garner buzz. ” Ideally I want to launch it in 3 cities, but aside from London the other two cities will be a suprise”. “stay tuned”.
Please visit: for info and to register. Tournament tentative launch in May 2013.



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