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We get it.

Your a husband and father of two and it’s getting hectic.

Life’s feels like its passing you by….trying to recapture your youth these days keeping up with the kids.
Low and behold the wife throws doggy a bone and your given parole to catch a little football or UFC with the guys and inhale the smoke from a water bong that was strong enough to make you cough 5 or 6 times. Moments later, a feeling of crystallized euphoria reaches the top of the your brain. Voices in your head seem louder. Silence is hilarious. You’re searching your pockets asking yourself where you put the keys that are on the key chain around your neck. Holy shight you’re frickin high…..

At this point you talked all the psychobabble you could remember talking about and the brain fuel gauge is almost on “e” and your mouth waters. You cant help the food craving so you get in the car.

Instincts are telling you to stop at the Micky Dees. Fight it and go to the late night supermarket and buy these nine items:

Vanilla sweetened Almond Milk ( Stuff on display room temperature- NOT the refrigerated stuff)
Peanut butter
Box of QHC
a box of toasted apple strudels
Natural unsweetened plain yogurt
ground cinnamon
chocolate syrup

You should be able to make a sauce and topping for your danish. Good luck.