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Judgment day has finally come.  Sorry I don’t mean the return of a popular deity known as Jesus Christ-a figure in the Christian faith. But Brett Lorenzo Favre; at 40 yrs old. Thanks to teammates on the Viking organization, Brett decided to give another season from his teammates. He says: ” if they had forgotten about me, it would’ve been easier…”

Isn’t this what sport should be about? that one extra rep, that one extra play- for the greater good?  Favre has passed for over 69000 yards in his career. That’s the length of  an American football field 690 times. Pretty durable to me.

But, Favre is banged up. What will it take for him to walk away from the game? He is a tough SOB because most of us run the treadmill for five minutes and call it a workout.  Is he a walking target? A geriatric playing the game with younger, faster, hungrier players- who for that matter-will not hesitate to ring Favre’s bell. This was the case in the NFC championship last year in 2009.

He is a modern day Babe Ruth. A legend for his toughness, grit and tenacity. For a guy who lost his dad,and brother in law,one of his best friends( fellow retired and deceased player Steve McNair) he is definitely an inspiration for those young players who think that 40 is over the hill.

40 is the new 30.