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Niners 23. Packers 20.

Football is a game of inches, timing and position.
Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers must be shaking his head in discontent.
Picture this: its fourth quarter with under two minutes remaining. Tied 20-20.
Capers’ defensive coverage call sealed the packers fate and derailed playoff semifinal hopes.
Packers outside linebacker 55 Andy Mulumba’s erroneous decision to blitz inside on 3rd and 8 in the fourth quarter with under two minutes remaining, instead of containing- negatively impacted the packers’ momentum. Because of the bad positioning, Mulumba had to then chase San Fran QB and speed-demon Colin Kapernick to the sidelines and appeared to quit on the play-due to lack of lateral speed. First and Ten Niners.
What was #55 OLB Mulumba thinking? Defensive contain is textbook linebacking! Why didnt Capers call a stunt play and have Mulumba play zone to cover flats? Why did Mulumba try to blitz into max pass protection, leaving the flats wide open? Stupid.
Even I knew Kap was gonna scramble. He always does when the game is on the line!
Call it a rookie mistake? Perhaps. But there’s always one defensive bonehead
that fails to understand the magnitude of each defensive series. Each play. Penalties happen and of course mental fatigue. I attribute Mulumba’s bad defensive position to mental fatigue. Packers management have alot of things to think about their defensive personnel this offseason.